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Hearing Aids


Many clinics in the hearing aid industry are run by the manufacturers themselves so it makes it nearly impossible to obtain an impartial recommendation.

If you’re in the market for a hearing aid then it’s rarely because you like the idea of having one. Your hearing loss is affecting your quality of life and a hearing aid may in some part help restore this quality of life.

Penninsula Hearing are an independent, family owned hearing clinic with no affiliations to any particular manufacturer. This will give you piece of mind knowing that we will fit you with the right hearing aid to suit your needs.

Bernafon is a Swiss Hearing Aid Company with over 70 years experience in the manufacture of quality hearing aids. Bernafon introduced the world’s first digitally programmable hearing instrument in 1988, this introduction revolutionised the hearing aid market. In 2002, Bernafon introduced the first Channel FreeTM hearing system.

The Oticon story is a unique one. It begins with a man’s passion to help improve his wife’s quality of life as she began to suffer from hearing loss. The company is driven by the passion to empower people which is demonstrated in all their hearing instruments.


Phonak’s goal is to improve the quality of life for people who suffer with hearing loss. With a host of creative solutions they are able to overcome many techological limitations. Phonak products are distributed in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

Siemens have been developing hearing instruments for over 130 years. They revolutionised the industry in 1959 by introducing¬† the first ‘behind the ear’ hearing aid. Siemens continued to develop the hearing aid launching the first ‘in the ear’ hearing aid and then the world’s first digital hearing aid with 2 and then 3 micophones. Constantly innovating, Siemens are a leader in the industry.

Starkey was founded in 1967 by William F Austin. They believe that all new products should bring specific improvements to a patient’s hearing. By working closely with their patients and practitioners they determine what features should be developed for their next series of hearing instruments.

Sonic appreciate the value of hearing and seek to help people receive the highest level of enjoyment from it. The creative approach used by Sonic is evident in their easy-to-use hearing instruments. These instrument features help enhance sound quality as well as promote better speech understanding.

Widex combine years of understanding with their curiosity of finding the most effective solutions for individual hearing loss. They combine innovative technology in an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable hearing instrument. Their headquarters in Denmark is an entirely CO2-neutral premises.

Unitron is a global company with over 20 international offices throughout the world. Over 50 years in business has help them develop a quality hearing instrument. Unitron are an innovative company that are always guided by the fundamental purpose of making life better for people with hearing loss.